Our story

First opened for business in 1979 and is well known to the entire city of Brisbane. There would be hardly a person that wouldn’t be aware of or has not eaten Ribbetts famous spare ribs.

The Ribbetts brand has been in constant trading at the same site until August 2019 when the State Government resumed our property to build a high school.

We have sold more Ribs than anywhere else in Australia but also our signature BBQ sauce has been constant staple of the income of the business for our entire 40 years.

 We have always sold our famous BBQ sauce exclusively over the counter but with the resumption of the property we have decided to sell it online, anywhere across the country.

If you do not agree that this is a superior product to any other spare rib enhancer, return it to us and we will return you money but we don’t think we will be refunding much.(Never had a bottle returned in 40 years)


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